My motivation to be healthy has been lacking in the past couple of weeks.  With the temperatures reaching the 90’s I have slowed down to snail pace.  I haven’t been able to get out of bed in the morning and slept through my running alarm for a good 2 weeks straight.  I’ve also really lost control of my eating, especially this week.  I didn’t go to the grocery store and I’ve been living off of left over catering from meetings in the office which don’t offer (or I don’t choose) the healthiest options.  Needless to say, I have had an XL cookie multiple times this week and it needs to stop.

Many times I will use races to motivate me, but even that doesn’t seem to be working.  I signed up for the Manchester Mile & 5k which is next Wednesday night.  I haven’t run in about 2 weeks but the fact that the entire last mile is downhill is making me think that it will be easy.  Should I not make a personal record in this race, it will be a big wake up call to get myself running.  I don’t want to slack off because I have already signed up for another 5k in September that I hope to do well on.

In another effort to motivate myself, I decided to try a diet bet that I saw Janine post about on Facebook.  How it works is you put 25 dollars into the pot and then you have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your body weight.  If you succeed, you and your fellow winners get a split of the money.  I have to lose a little over 7 lbs in order to win.  Since I have been eating so poorly I am hoping that by cutting back on the cookies and ice cream and fatty breakfast croissants I will be able to drop the first few pounds easily.  I am also hoping that this will motivate me to get back on track with my workouts.

Another event I signed up for this week was the Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle race.  I have always been HORRIFIED of these type of races.  I am not overly athletic/coordinated so I assumed I’d kill myself.  But I guess on Tuesday I must have been feeling adventurous because when my roommate Molly asked if I wanted to do it with her I said yes.  Let me tell you I am glad I said yes before I looked at the race map because otherwise I might have changed my mind.  I am just PRAYING that this type of obstacle isn’t present because if it is, RIP Jaime, it has been nice knowing you all.


I am absolutely HORRIFIED of something like this.  As discussed in previous posts I have NO upper body strength and I don’t even know how I would go about getting my ass over this wall.  Also, my teammate Molly is about the size of my left leg so the help she could offer would be limited and the thought of having 10 strangers pushing and pulling me over that thing is too mortifying to even contemplate.  Let’s all take a moment and pray that this obstacle stays in Tough Mudder and NOT in the Rugged Maniac 5k.

Hopefully these events will help to increase my motivation to be healthy.  It will definitely be a challenge diet wise, especially with the 4th coming up next week.  I have also been drinking a TON of beer which is not doing me any favors.  Wish me luck training for my various endeavors.


Have a good weekend 🙂



Go Ninja!

On Sunday I got the chance to try a Go Ninja Aerial Circus Class at Bare Knuckle Murphy’s Gym in downtown Manchester.

Go Ninja’s Beautiful Facilities

I was so excited when I saw that this was the June Event for the Blog & Tweet NH group and I signed up immediately.  I was joined by Allie, Janine and Annemarie for one of the funnest classes I have ever taken!  The only exposure I had to the art of silk ribbons was through the singer Pink who uses them a lot in her performances.  I really had no idea what it took to actually use the silks and I was a little nervous since my upper body strength is not that great.

We started off the class running and skipping around the room to warm ourselves up.  We followed that up with some basic gymnastics moves such as forward rolls and handstands.  I was proud of myself for executing this “perfect” handstand for the .24 seconds it took Allie to snap a photo.

Handstand Pro

Handstand Pro

Speaking of Allie, she got to practice some flips with the help of our instructor, Heather.

Allie starting to flip!

After our gymnastics warm-up we got started on the silks.  We began low to the ground which was good for me because even though Heather explained how sturdy the silks were, I still had some reservations that they would be able to support my weight.  We learned how to make the knot that we would use to sit and stand on.  We did a couple of swings back and forth which helped me get over my fear that the silks would come crashing down on top of me and then stood up to learn some of the basic moves.


This was the first pose we learned and since everyone did great on it we moved on to bigger and badder poses which involved us flipping upside down.

Hanging around 🙂

After Heather reassured us multiple times that it is nearly impossible for you to fall on your head so long as you keep your legs on the outside of the triangle (I believe her saying was something like “Break the glass fall on your ass”) I flipped myself and let go of the death grip I had on the silks. Once you are upside down and realize you are not dead, it is a lot of fun.  I found myself just hanging out upside down until the blood rushing to my head got to be too much.  If you are worried just look at Janine, she is hanging upside and taking pictures for her blog all at once!

The crowning move we learned was called the pigeon pose.  From the basic upside position we adjusted a couple of directions and get this beauty.

We finished the class up with some more difficult level 2 moves.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any on camera because this part was hard!  For level 2 we undid the knot that had been supporting us for the other moves and separated the silks.  This part is ALL about arm strength.  I did get myself kind of upside down with the help of Heather, but it wasn’t pretty so even if I had the photos I would probably spare you.  She showed us how to climb the silks but again, I didn’t get very far.  Hey! It was my first class.  And you did see that last picture I posted right? – I’m basically a Cirque Du Soleil performer.

I LOVED this class and would recommend it to anyone.  I had so much fun I didn’t even realize I was working out until the next day when my arms and calves were burning!  Not only is it a great workout but it gives you awesome pictures to show off to your friends and family.  I can’t tell you how many people I made look at my shots whether they wanted to or not!  Since it is something so unusual that not many people have done it is fun to brag about how you are the world’s next great circus star.  I had so much fun that I already bought a Groupon that Go Ninja is offering and 5 of my family and friends did as well!  You should too!  You will not regret it!

AML 6/24/12

Today I have to dedicate a post to my dear Memere, Alice.


A year ago today this beautiful angel left us.  She fought hard to stay but in the end it was time for her to leave behind the pain she had been living with for so long.


I miss her everyday.  Even though she had so many medical issues in her life she was always laughing and smiling and joking around.  I miss her sense of humor and hearing her laugh.


I was fortunate to have her in my life for 24 years, and I will never forget the times we spent together.  She was selfless and always put others before herself.  She lived to watch her grandchildren and great grandchildren grow up and she was always interested in what was going on in our lives.  She loved to attend dance performances and soccer games or basketball games.  If we were doing it she was there watching and supporting.


Even though I will continue to miss her everyday, I feel comforted that she is no longer in pain and that she is reunited with my Pep.  I know that they are watching over us, because if there is one thing I know and love about Mem it is that she never missed a beat.  Love you so much Mem ❤ AML

Happy Summer!

Today is the first official day of summer!  Get me out of this office and to the beach!  I am counting down the hours until 5:00 (unusual for me) and I am especially excited because the weather for this weekend looks good!

Get me Here

This week I have been a huge slacker in both blogging and working out.  The week started out well enough, I set an early alarm and got out of bed for a 3 mile run before work, but it was really all downhill from there.  I am hoping to get back on track because I signed up for a 5k on July 3rd that I hope to run without dying.  The reason I signed up for this race was because the last mile is completely downhill so I thought it would be a nice confidence booster to set a personal best in a 5k – even if I have the huge advantage of a big hill.  On the flipside, if I do not make a personal best time, it will be a HUGE wake up call to get off my butt and work out.  Win/Win situation.

This week was SO boring.  It seems with work I go through phases.  One week I will just embrace the boredom goof off and make the best of it – while other weeks really push me to the end of my rope.  This week was the latter.  I began looking for jobs but have yet to find anything worthwhile to apply to.  I am considering moving out of Boston and to Portsmouth, NH since I have a number of friends who live in the area and I really like it there.


On Tuesday I took advantage of the discount night at the movie theater and went to see This is the End.

Though a majority of the viewers were teen boys I really did enjoy the movie.  I am a huge fan of the cast which included Seth Rogan, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson and Jay Baruchel.  The movie had one of the stupidest plots I’ve seen in awhile but it was pretty consistently funny throughout the whole thing.  All the actors played themselves but in my opinion Jonah Hill really stole the show by playing a flamboyant version of himself.  The movie also briefly featured almost every comedic actor you could think of such as Paul Rudd, Jason Segal, Mindy Kaling, Michael Cera and Aziz Ansari among MANY others.  If you are a fan of the cast and don’t mind laughing at stupid jokes go see this movie.  While sometimes the humor was more geared towards guys (tons of penis jokes) there was still a lot for me to laugh at as well.

Weekend Plans

This weekend I plan to enjoy the nice weather and work on my tan.  I haven’t decided if I am going to hit the beach or pool but I do know that I will try to take advantage of the sun.  On Sunday I am excited to be able to try an Aerial Circus Class with my friend Allie  and a couple of other bloggers.  I am really looking forward to it and i will definitely blog about my experience there.  I hope everyone has a  great weekend!

hiiii :)

Oops.  I am the worst blogger.  I think one of my problems is that I don’t take a ton of pictures because my phone memory is full – so even if I have something to say I have no lovely photographs to go with the text.  I will try to do better. 🙂


Today is a sad day for me.  It is my one year anniversary in my current position.


While most people would view this as an accomplishment – to me it is a sign of failure.  Without getting into too much detail my job doesn’t require a lot of brain power.  I spend the majority of my day trying to waste time and fill up the hours until I can go home.  While some would think this is nice, essentially getting paid to surf the internet, it gets old reallyyy fast.   Unfortunately for me, one of my worst habits is getting comfortable even with boredom and therefore being reluctant to make changes.  Usually the one year mark is a good wake up call for me – so I am hoping it will be a good kick in the pants to update my resume and send it out ASAP.  Another good motivator is that my closest work friend and the only savior I have between myself and my boss (whose personality/management skills could fill a how-not-to-manage book) is planning on moving at the end of the summer.  There is NO WAY I want to work directly under my current boss, so I need to get to work on applications.

If I make it through this day there is only one thing that will be able to save it.


Yum 🙂


Hopefully my blog post tomorrow will be filled with photos of margaritas and nachos! 🙂

Hot, Hot, Hot

Yesterday was the first hot day of the summer and a cruel reminder of how AWFUL it is to be stuck inside all day while it is beautiful out.  Oh the joys of being an adult. 😦

After a nonstop-workout weekend I decided to take a couple of days off to relax.  Yesterday I decided I better start moving again so I went out for a run after work.  Well – my run quickly turned into a walk when I realized the shorts I was wearing were way to short and loose and kept falling down when I started jogging.  Sometimes I will just deal with a wardrobe malfunction but yesterday since the weather was so nice there were a ton of people out in my neighborhood and I felt very awkward running with my shorts half way down my butt.  Oops.  At least I was moving.


I switched my route up a little and decided to take these stairs for a little something extra.  They weren’t too bad so I followed them up with the Agro Crag that is a staple on my regular route.


It may not look big in the photo but this hill is a bitch especially if I run right into it.  It is just steep and long enough to get me huffing and puffing by the time I reach the top.  Going into this straight off the stairs definitely gave me a little cardio push in the middle of my walk.

About halfway up the hill I got an intense craving for guacamole so I decided to pick up the pace and get this workout over with ASAP.  Before I went home I stopped by a huge Madonna shrine that is located a street over from my apartment because I have lived there a year and never walked in.


Casual Madonna Statue in East Boston


Planes lined up for takeoff at Logan

Boston Skyline

Boston Skyline

The statue is a little weird but it does have some great views of Logan Airport and the Boston Skyline from it.  After this little detour I walked home and had chips and guac and a bowl of ice cream for dinner.  Oops – healthy lifestyle fail.

I did manage to get myself out of bed this morning and get a 3 mile run in.  It was already hot at 6:30 so I’m glad I didn’t wait til after work to do it because I probably would have opted out and ended up laying in front of a fan eating ice cream instead.

On tap for this weekend is a haircut, graduation BBQ for my sister and possibly maybe a beach day.  It’s gonna be a hot one!  Just get me to 5:00!

Memorial Day Madness

I am draggggiiinnnggggg on this post-Memorial Day Tuesday.  I had a crazy busy weekend and I feel like I need about 3 days to recover.

On Friday night I went to a special 90 Minute Zumba Class at my favorite Zumba spot in Manchester.


VLD Nightclub


The class was PACKED and a lot of fun.  You can spot me wayyyy in the back in my neon pink shirt.  I usually love to be in the front row to watch myself in the mirror, (old dancer habit) but we got there right before it started and had to squeeze in where we could.

Since I only get to do Zumba when I am in Manchester and the weather Saturday was going to be less than ideal – my friend and I decided to wake up early Saturday morning and do triple Zumba.  We did a 9 am Zumba Toning class which is essentially a regular class only holding weights followed by a 9:30 Zumba class and topped it off with ANOTHER Zumba class at 11:15.  The teacher, Marinela, is from Columbia and AWESOME.  Class is always so much fun and always a  great workout.


Marinela dancing at Club VLD


After all that Zumba I packed up my things and headed down to Portsmouth for the night.  We went out downtown but I tried to keep the drinking to a minimum since I had a 5k to run in the morning.  On the way back from the bar we were stopped by my friend’s downstairs neighbor who invited us over.  We ended up staying at his place until 4:30 am.  This guy was one of the biggest characters I’ve ever met in my life and I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard multiple times during the night.


After about 3 hours of sleep I was up again and getting ready to run the Redhook 5K.  This was my 3rd time running the race and I was anxious because I wanted to beat my time from last year.  The course is pretty flat but I wasn’t feeling very confident because I struggled through a flat run last week and was nowhere near the time I had in mind.

Finished the race!


Although unfortunately i was exactly 10 SECONDS slower than last year I am still very proud of myself because I RAN THE WHOLE RACE!  Besides beating my time from last year, running the entire course was the 2nd goal I had for this 5k.  This is the first time I have run a whole 5k and it is actually the farthest I have run straight ever!  My next goal will be to pick up my pace because it is not very fast – but hey slow and steady win the race was my motto this weekend!


I hope everyone has a great long weekend! I know I did and I wish it wasn’t over!


Hoodrat Squirrel City

Happy Friday friends!

I am SO excited that it is not only Friday, but the Friday before a long weekend and I am literally counting down the minutes until I get out of here at 2:00! Hallelujah!


This little hoodrat has been waking me up every morning pulling pranks on my screen.  I named him Rascal and was thankful that this morning he didn’t play around too much – but I did catch him taking a quick peek inside before continuing on his squirrel ways.


My roommates and I have had squirrel problems in our apartment throughout the entire winter.  We could hear them running back and forth and at some points it was so loud we were fully convinced they were building an entire squirrel city in the walls and ceiling of our apartment.  I didn’t really think much of it because out of all my irrational fears, squirrels are pretty low on that list.  That is they were pretty low until one fateful night in February during a particularly awful blizzard.

Sometime in the night before the blizzard struck, my roommates and I heard a loud scream and then running from one end of our neighbor’s apartment to the other.  We brushed it off because we live above some weirdos and the noises coming from their apartment are constant and trying to classify them would be impossible.  The next day while we were all stuck inside due to a snow emergency we heard a knock on our door.  My roommate opened it to find the two girls from downstairs standing there in some kind of spa face masks.  Why these girls, when we were stuck inside all day, decided to come up during the 20 minutes they had to keep their face masks applied is a story for another day – but ANYWAY the girls came up and asked if we saw animal control at the apartment the night before.  We did not; but apparently that loud scream and running we heard in the middle of the night was because one of the squirrels who had been hard at work making a home in our walls had finally decided to make an appearance.

“So what?” you might say.  I’m sure when the squirrel heard the screams it ran away back to its hiding place in the walls.  Well, according to the girls that was not the case.  Since I wasn’t there I will have to assume that after the initial sighting of this horrifying creature Neighbor #1 ran and barricaded herself in Neighbor #2’s room and dialed Animal Control.  Here’s where things get stressful.  When Animal Control arrived this crazed squirrel apparently did not shy away – but RAN UP the body of the AC Officer before it was captured.

Here is where my fears began.  I always thought that these cute little squirrels, (I saw one yawning on my kitchen window once and it was one of the top 10 cutest things I have ever seen), would never try to actually TOUCH me.  But now after this brazen action towards the Animal Control Officer – WHO KNOWS what these things are thinking.  All I hope is that Rascal does not find a way into my room because although I don’t mind him playing games outside I REALLY do not want him burrowing in my bed.

In any case – tonight I will be returning to NH for the long weekend where I will get to enjoy a restful morning without nature’s alarm clock (Rascal) waking me up at 6 am.  Tonight I will be going to Club VLD aka a special 90 minute Zumba class from my favorite teacher Marinela at Viveladance & Fitness in Manchester.  Her classes are always so much fun and I am so excited because I haven’t done Zumba in forever.

I hope you all can get through the rest of your workday pain free.  3 fabulous days off are waiting at the end of it! Enjoy! 🙂


My Very First Post!

For my first post I wanted to write about an event that I attended that got me excited to start blogging.  My good friend Allie has an awesome healthy lifestyle blog that I read religiously during boring days at work.  She and her friend came up with a great group called Blog & Tweet NH that hosts events for social media users in New Hampshire.  Though I currently live in Boston, I still spend a good amount of time in New Hampshire and was super excited when Allie invited me to one of the group’s events even though my social media usage was limited to Twitter and Instagram.

Surfset Group

The group’s first event was a Surfset Fitness class held at TI Fitness Training in Manchester.  I was so excited to try this class ever since I learned about it from, where else, Allie’s blog.  I had no idea what to expect going into it.  Since Allie had taken her first Surfset class at a yoga studio I thought I was in for a nice relaxing morning workout.  Well.  I was wrong.  When I walked in and saw a jump rope and kettlebell sitting next to the surfboard I knew my multiple rounds of drinks from the night before would probably end up classified as a big mistake.

Me and V in action


Luckily for me and everyone else in the room I managed to make it through the class without puking on the floor.  Yay!  Also I succeeding in not falling off the board and making a huge fool of myself.  Christine lead us through a crazy hard workout that would have been tough on the floor; never mind trying to do the moves on a wobbly surfboard.  I really loved the whole class – since one of my favorite movies is Blue Crush I loved getting to be a surfer for the morning without having to worry about sharks or squeezing into a wet suit.  I would LOVE to do this class again – only next time I would definitely refrain from knocking back beers the night before.  You live you learn. 🙂